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Thanks to the advice given by and31415 (in the comments under other question) I was able to install the Catalyst driver and the Catalyst Control Center (and the rest of the Catalyst/AMD suite). (See - How To Find Unknown Device Drivers By Their Vendor & Device ID) I will paste here the comments: "The AMD card ID is PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_6760&SUBSYS_1672103C&REV_00, which corresponds to Radeon (TM) HD 6470M.

Despite the fact no 32-bit driver seem to be available, the 64-bit package actually contains both.

Make sure to uninstall the current driver, restart, and then install the one provided by HP.

As for the Intel card, the 32-bit package for Windows 8 is compatible with Windows 7 as well." So, the driver and the CCC application that I had to install were those modified by HP (downloaded from here).

I assure you that your AMD card is not working properly, even not showing any problems in device manager.

The diference between me and you is that I am on a Dell computer.

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AMD made sure that its newest notebook processors are ready for Windows 10 ever since it was released.Leshcat gets the latest AMD and Intel GPU drivers and does the bridge between them.Dell's official drivers for switchable graphics are very outdated. If you try any direct driver download from AMD website, it wont work properly!While this is a great way to get all the newest Windows 10 features on your device, it comes with plenty of risks caused by the unfinished operating system.I can’t see my graphics card listed in device manager.

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