Updating altell phone software

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As a regulatory condition of the acquisition by Verizon, a small portion of Alltel was spun off and continued to operate under the same name in six states, mostly in rural areas.

At its peak, Alltel operated a network in 34 states, with a wireless coverage footprint comprising the largest network in the United States by area.

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On May 20, 2007, Alltel announced an agreement to be sold to two private-equity firms: TPG Capital and GS Capital Partners.

Native Alltel markets consisted of both analog (AMPS) and digital (CDMA) technologies.

Virtually 100 percent of markets had been outfitted with 3G 1x EV-DO digital technology, which allows for additional battery life and faster download times when using Internet or BREW-based applications.

AT&T immediately began plans to upgrade the former Alltel network and to move customers to the AT&T network by midyear 2014.

In 1943, the Allied Telephone Company, a small business specializing in installing telephone poles and cabling for telephone companies across Arkansas, was founded by Charles Miller and Hugh Willbourn, Jr.

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