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Am having a bad cold and headache but i just took some meds and resting for a while then i book for my flight.hoping to hear from you Your Half Daniel Letter 9 Good Evening Love You have no idea what state you have putting me in to right now with such a touching words.

Daniel Letter 6 Well Shoosh I have been single since i lost my wife in 1992 but had a few relationship which never went well and i had to move on and work kept me busy and never bothered to have a relationship but i cant make love to work and cuddle so i have to be with someone i can love and cared for..

I enjoy outdoor cooking reading dancing swimming and snow skating.

I dont really like to talk about my past life with my late wife as i want to move on with life. I was looking for the pictures i finish reading but i just received it lol. If you really wants to have a great relationship with me you need to put the past behind you.

I am trusting you so i will tell you something i never want to share until i meet you but i feel comfortable with you to say everything.

I was expecting 250kg of Gold from China which is supposed to be delivered on Monday.

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