Ubuntu updating bios

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Bios Disk simplifies the process of flashing your system BIOS under Linux. To use the biosdisk utility to create a BIOS flash image, first download the latest raw BIOS image for your system from your manufacturer's website.Make sure however, that you always get the BIOS executable and NOT the Windows executable.Warning: Flashing motherboard BIOS is a dangerous activity that can render your motherboard inoperable!While the author of this article has successfully run this procedure many times, your mileage may vary. You may want to consider updating microcode instead if it is supported by your system.Most manufacturers provide a Windows executable or a BIOS executable that can only be run under Windows.

It is quite useful for users that do not have MS-Windows installed on the same system.fwupd is a simple daemon to allow session software to update device firmware on your local machine.Large vendors including Dell and Logitech use this way to distribute firmware updates to Linux.It is designed to flash BIOS/EFI/coreboot/firmware/option ROM images on mainboards, network/graphics/storage controller cards, and various programmer devices.Warning: If you have a laptop/notebook/netbook, please do NOT try flashrom because interactions with the EC on these machines might crash your machine during flashing.

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