Trace cyrus and hanna beth dating creating a dating website with joomla

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Hannah can only hang on Trace’s thread of fame for so long then she will go crawling back to Jeffree because she has no one else famous to turn too.

Not that her situation of her and Jefree had to do with fame, but hey!

Unless Jeffree was shaking his putrid tranny cock at the camera, pure and simple homophobia is what drove her to remove those images. audrey is hilton, the person that does fuck all and loves herself, and hanna is poor nicole, stuck in her shadow.

probably why they stopped being friends, just like paris and nicole.

You don't even know her so I have no idea how you can sit there and say that she's a bitch, slut, phyco, jerk, etc.

so don't judge her because of the number of guys she dates or how she dresses.

because audrey was sick of hanna leeching on to her.

i think its about time audrey and hanna got a proper job and stopped trying to get famous.

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And puh-lease, Jeffree Star almost has more friends then Tom.Tweet UPDATE: Jeffree forwarded menacing text messages from Trace Cyrus—Hanna’s “famous boyfriend who does drugs and ignores her all the time”—to Perez Hilton, who promptly posted them on his mainstream celebrity blog.Although Trace does not threaten to kill Jeffree, he does suggest he’ll “kick [Jeffree’s] ass.” According to Perez, “ Jeffree Star was one seriously pissed off cocksucker this morning, and he posted away a bulletin like only a seriously pissed off cocksucker can.The only thing that made Trace big was his so called 15-year old sister Miley Cyrus, without her he would be just another My Space band that will probably never be discovered.And no one likes Miley anymore except a few 14-15-year olds.

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