Tips dating aquarius men

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Regardless of how cool and detached or how unconventional his love traits, an Aquarian man is looking for love. When this man falls in love, he will not exactly know how to show it.An Aquarius man is turned off by jealousy and emotional drama and can be suffocated by a needy, clingy person.So, if the turn-ons mentioned don't come naturally to you or they don't seem romantic enough, perhaps you're just not compatible with an Aquarius man. An Aquarian would rather be alone than be tied to a person who's not his intellectual equal, or he thinks could not be a friend; first, last, and always.Typically, an Aquarian man is a loner who has a lot of casual friends but few intimate and close friends, which means you might get only one shot at piquing his interest.

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If you have your eye on an Aquarian man and want to turn him on, forget about looking "sexy" or being cute, coy, adorable, or touchy-feely.As with most men, there are certain qualities that Aquarian men find attractive.Independence is one of the essential qualities an Aquarian man looks for in a potential partner.Behind this behavior that many might find confusing, hides the strength of his convictions and the entire belief system that most people don’t even connect to sexual experiences.If he believes for some reason it is best to be alone for a while, anyone around him might claim he is insane because the perfect woman is standing in front of him, and he would still stay alone, firmly believing that this woman will wait if she is truly perfect.

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