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The western most part of Iceland (Bjargtangar) and the eastern most part (Gerpir) are about 13 million years old.

About 55 million years ago When Greenland did finally drift away from the hot spot under Iceland massive volcanic activity did take place.This material glues together in some 10 years and form brown rock that is named volcanic tuff, palagonite tuff or just palagonite.And because ice have been covering Iceland more or less last 3 million years there is lot of brown mountains made of volcanic tuff in the volcanic active rift zone in Iceland.Last 2 Ice Ages on the north part of the globe did both last for about 26 million years so most likely there are 23 million years to go with this one ... Our warm period of the Ice Age have now last longer than 10.000 years most likely the next and 31st cold period of the Ice Age will start soon (on geological scale) and ice will then cover whole Iceland again.

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