Teen dating community

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Jack Morris, and RWJUH program staff purchased suits for the boys.

RWJUH has multiple programs focusing on domestic violence prevention and healthy relationships targeted at both adults and local youths.

Teens successfully completing the program received the donated prom dresses to wear at this year’s celebration, which incorporated important community cultural traditions, and builds on the education and outreach conducted through our Domestic Violence Prevention Program to reach even more students in our communities about this important topic. The program is made possible through a generous grant from Hope Line from Verizon.

has experienced physical, sexual, verbal, or emotional abuse from a dating partner.

TEEN LINE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, donations are tax deductible.

see more ways to donate TEEN LINE is more than just a hotline.

Awareness & Prevention Resources | Other Training Opportunities Community outreach fulfills an important function by increasing public awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault while distributing resources available to assist victims and their families.

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Activities that reach tweens, teens and young adults include interactive resource tables, school “lunch & learns” as well as classroom awareness sessions.

Outreach services are tailored to fit any schedule or population.

Schedule an outreach event today to help educate the community.

1 in 3 students will experience physical, sexual, emotional, or verbal abuse by a dating partner before they graduate high school.

Unfortunately, we know that most people won’t tell anyone about the abuse—only 33% of teens in an unhealthy relationship will tell someone.

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