Taurus and cancer dating

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This may have seemed like a love match for the ages.After all, you are both big time homebodies and you both love the simpler things.So, what on earth could have possibly gone wrong here?You have probably read that Taurus man and a Cancer woman are an almost perfect match and this is absolutely true.You’re both fully capable of providing that for one another.Some of the longest standing relationships I’ve ever seen have been with a Taurus man and a Cancer woman.Pretty soon their house begins to look like a garage sale. Degree of Marriage: Perfect for marriage and gathering of the clans every Sunday afternoon for a BBQ. A huge big deal is made about meeting each other’s families. How to Attract a Cancer Woman as a Taurus Man: Let slip that you pay your bills on time and are supporting a vulnerable elderly relative (or would love to). Your mantra must become “Family is Everything to Me” – of course you don’t mean what she means by that but all’s fair in love and . Study the bills carefully before handing over your credit card. Degree of Romance: The urge to submerge and be protected is too urgent to allow for much romance.

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Life tends to center around the kitchen and family room. As long as they both contribute equally to this ideal haven or port in a storm, things go well. Who needs passion as a motivator when the fanatic desire for security underlies every word and deed?

She moves to anything with a beat and regardless of her vocals, she’ll sing her heart out, primarily during car drives, when getting ready in the bathroom, and during showers. She’ll make your mood flip a 180 with her high-energy, eclectic, and comedic persona.

Not to say Taurus women don’t have their moments, because they But her joyous and cheerful personality will undoubtedly outweigh her moody and bratty moments.

Learning how a Taurus likes to be loved is the after the name brand purse for the attention of others, but because she may genuinely love the design and the high quality of a handbag or pair of shoes. She’ll appreciate anything, but a Taurus female requires She doesn’t care if you get her the smallest thing, she doesn’t expect grand gestures at all times. It’s truly the thought that counts for a Taurus, so put in a lot of it and keep her on her toes! A Taurus is rational and thinks of things realistically.

Do you wear your Nikes or Adidas for other guys to look down at your feet while you’re walking through a store and yell “fresh kicks man”? Remain mature, because nothing ticks her off more than low-blows, sarcasm, and a childish attitude.

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