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Each film will essentially feature an arc as to how the respective Stiflers went from being total dickheads to being only partial d*ckheads.

In a way, by repeatedly taking the air out of Stifler's chest-pounding, skirt-chasing ways, this series is a constant attack on him. When Matt sprays pepper spray on the marching band's instruments, and moons the entire school at the graduation ceremony, he is forcibly sent to summer camp by the school's counselor, Sherman (Chris Owen, who has appeared in all the films to date, playing the same role, nicknamed The Sherminator). What could be worse for an aspiring asshat than spending the entire summer with nerds? Luckily, Matt has heard the sex stories about this Band Camp (Michelle's sexual experiences, it seems, were not limited to just her), and raises his hopes that he'll see something kinky, and, what's more, get to film it.

It also helps that a funny guy like Eugene Levy is in the role.

By the time one of our new heroes was being fellated by a corpse in film began with the phrase “This one time, at band camp…? ) Well, now it's time to head to band camp properly. The film will center on Matt Stifler (Tad Hilgenbrinck), the younger brother of Steve Stifler (Seann William Scott) from the first three films. I guess that would have made him 13 years old during the events of , the final (?

We wanted to see how your list of favorites had changed.

We also wanted to expand our list to 100 from the top 50 we had done previously.

These straight-to-video films seem to play fast and loose with the notion of canon.

Anyway, Matt Stifler is a junior in high school, and idolizes his older brother.

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