Swift dating chord

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Some might wonder whether the 22 years old Glee star would be a more appropriate beau for Taylor than the much-older Jake Gyllenhaal or another experimented heartthrob, John Mayer.Earlier on the Glee star told another media source about his criteria of a dream girl, check out how surprising is the description, “[someone] who’s funny, sweet, likes to laugh, and is a good girl.The best part of this is how angry she was at Joe for breaking up with her over the phone, and then she did the same exact thing to Calvin Harris. Taylor Swift and Cory Monteith were never confirmed to be a couple, but Ellen did ask Taylor in an interview if they were dating, and she was looking mighty suspicious.When Monteith passed away, Swift tweeted "Speechless.Taylor Swift was almost a certified cougar (kidding) for dating this 18-year-old fresh out of high school.She even bought a house next to the Kennedy compound while they were dating.And for the worst reason." Rest in Paradise, Number 5.This "Hannah Montana: The Movie" star seemed like a really good match for Taylor.

We definitely did get some great songs out of this one, though.The songbirds were even asked whether this hockey game-date meant more than a friendly outing.Chord claimed that, “The thing is, I have tons of friends I hang out with and if you get your picture taken with anyone, all of a sudden you’re dating.” Indeed the rumors might be misleading as Taylor Swift was recently spotted also with the co-star of Chord, Cory Monteith at a bowling game.The latest celeb news told us about the Taylor Swift and Chord Overstreet dating rumors.The Glee star and the teen diva were spotted spending some precious time together in the past days.

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