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Not shockingly, pretty much nothing, though I was surprised by his kindness and his intelligence.

When I heard the term “sugar daddy,” I always imagined a creepy old man who grabbed girls’ butts on the street and bought cars with the money he inherited from his rich parents, but he wasn’t that at all.

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Seeking Arrangement didn’t create the idea of a sugar baby, but it helped boost it onto an international level — reaching roughly 139 countries.Many of their messages emphasized discretion, and most of them were married.They all had one thing in common – they were willing to pay me just for my company.I felt like I had uncovered some sort of secret sex ring in small-town Pennsylvania.Many of the men were pretty direct with their desires…some would say sleazy. At least, as polite as you can be when offering to buy someone’s company. The message belonged to a 55-year-old man in a well-paying job from an Asian country who visited town on business frequently. Frank was highly educated, a multi-millionaire, and described himself as having “poor social abilities.” Compared to all of the other men, he seemed lonely, rather than creepy or sex-crazed. I wanted to be somewhere public and extremely visible in case anything went wrong.

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