Straight guys chat

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You can call them the new age sensitive guy, metrosexual, cool guy, a new masculinity or whatever. Here’s an article on straight men enjoying anal stimulation.

I can’t say I have any experience in that, but I love taking a good shit myself.

A call for more acceptance of the LGBT community Why is it still so hard for gay people to come out to their friends and family? Add in elements of religion, biology and whatever, we get a mess. Straight people who can’t accept gay people, it’s time to grow the fuck up.

Why are parents kicking out their kids for being gay? The content of one’s character isn’t based on one’s sexuality.

I told him about the time I followed some friends to a gay bar and there was this older, gay dude hitting on me. Maybe he lost a bet, was drunk, just horsing around or that he thought it was a dismissable act of bromance. He said most straight guys wouldn’t feel the same and that I had a high tolerance for gay people. Conventionally, if a person is homophobic, he is homophobic. Also, if a gay guy hits on me, I take it as you behaving normal and I respect that.

I don’t think anyone talks about this openly enough. There’re indeed a ton of straight guys out there who are evolving and yearning towards “gay behavior”, so to speak.

So as such, with more testosterone in the room, the amount of sensitivity and respect for people diminishes. I don’t give a fuck about cars, football or suits Ahh, the supposed benchmark of straight masculinity and ideal topics for conversations among straight guys.

It can be pretty depressing to be in earshot of hypocritical, selfish conversations where a reasonable point of view and a third-party perspective never see the light of the day. They listen to what you have to say, especially if you’re in need of help. In my humble opinion, I don’t see a point in talking about things you can never get.

when I was motivated to write more honest, meaningful and longer articles.

To be honest, it’s a little uncomfortable to revisit this.

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