Stephanie pratt dating josh hansen

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Yeah, I went up there and was doing the show and was hanging out with Stephanie, and then I would come back. That's what I was doing and that's what I'm doing now. Leading up to it, Mitch started following the show and knew the storylines and everything.

As far as the show, did they write you into it or just kind of drop in on what you and Stephanie were doing? I kind of sensed he was into the whole thing and you riding at the test track as the curtain came down on the show.

If you're like 2.5 million other viewers, on Tuesday you tuned in to watch the final episode of the MTV series "The Hills." In that final episode, two-time defending X Games Super X champion Josh Hansen appeared due to his relationship with Stephanie Pratt, one of the stars of the wildly popular reality TV show.

The two met after the final season of the show had started production, and their relationship became significant enough that Hansen figured prominently at the end.

Hansen's story is well known among supercross fans.

Between a hard-partying lifestyle and a revolving door of sponsors, Hansen was on his way to being written off by the racing community as another story of lost potential.In April, Hansen returned to the supercross podium at Salt Lake City, winning the 250cc Lites and re-establishing himself as a threat well beyond the one-off arena of X Games.As he gears up for his shot at an X Games three-peat, it's tough not to root for Hansen.Did Lo Bosworth ever make it down the aisle with Scott Hochstadt? Meredith collects data to deliver the best content, services, and personalized digital ads.

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