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For example, I had an individual under my supervision who had successfully avoided offender accountability for years because he maintained he was illiterate.

He made the mistake of emptying his pockets on my desk; there was a Lotto card among his items -- it was a crossword puzzle Lotto card, where a person had to write the words in (as opposed to scratching the letters out from a pre-printed card).

A person who is not genuinely mentally ill, learning disabled, or intellectually challenged cannot continuously keep up the ruse, because they Here is a proper scientific definition for insanity: a disconnection from reality.

If I say I'm a rabbit when it is clear to everyone else that I'm a human, I'm insane (presuming, for completeness that I'm not ).

Research on "insane" people is as uselessly broad as it would be on "silly" or "dumb" people.Collateral information is also collected about personal, occupational, or medical history, such as from records or from interviews with parents, spouses, teachers, or previous therapists or physicians.A psychological test is one of the sources of data used within the process of assessment; usually more than one test is used.* (CITATION) Before diagnosing a psychological disorder, Clinicians must study the themes, also known as abnormalities, within psychological disorders.Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.Visit Stack Exchange Psychology & Neuroscience Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for practitioners, researchers, and students in cognitive science, psychology, neuroscience, and psychiatry. Sign up to join this community Is there a proper scientific definition of this term?

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