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This follows Dassault, which announced its decision to leave back in November of last year.

This leaves Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Saab pitching their F-35, Super Hornet, and Gripen; respectively. Sadly, anyone who has been paying attention should have seen this coming.

Einar has been focusing really hard on high-tech and the Uppsala engineering scene whilst new contributor Marwan has continued to post humorous anecdotes about technology and "Swedishness"..

Airbus's reasoning for dropping out of the competition sound suspiciously close to Dassault's; citing difficulty meeting security requirements and a last-minute alteration to the RFP that seemed to favor the JSF.

“A detailed review has led the parties to conclude that NORAD security requirements continue to place too significant of a cost on platforms whose manufacture and repair chains sit outside the United States-Canada 2-EYES community,” the statement from Airbus and the UK Defence Ministry noted.

Its multinational origin has led to countless layers of bureaucracy.

While the aircraft itself is impressive, its expensive and inefficient industrial model was clearly designed by committee.

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