Speed dating stockholm

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Monday’s check-in and get-to-know-you activities preceded Tuesday’s sporting events, Wednesday’s workshops, Thursday’s temple trip and testimony meeting, Friday’s “Gala Night,” and Saturday’s final devotional.

Sounding like a young single adult version of the “Especially for Youth” program, Festinord is widely popular across Europe for good reason.

It was great to see such a high turn-out and level of interest!

Keep your eyes open for future events of this kind as part of your networking efforts.

This year, more than 800 young singles from 31 countries flocked to Stockholm, Sweden, to celebrate Festinord on its 50th anniversary.

The result was a lecture hall buzzing with conversation.

Here is a distillation of some of the themes that cropped up.

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You are not in the mountains Or on an island But it sure feels like it When you haven’t been outside for days Having everything delivered to your door You can chat with anyone on earth Knowing that now you chat with none You are not on dating apps swiping Any more You are not on a speed date Yet------------------------------Now whoever is reading this We have a proposal for you Either we go to your apartment Make you dinner with whatever there is in the fridge Or you come join us, and together we go to someone else’s------------------------------And finally when we sit down somewhere Dining and talking We will discuss where to go next time As for the speed date part Isn’t it happening just every second?

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