Speed dating romance book

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With two besties by her side, one who is just this side of sane, she embarks on the journey of finding “the one” that starts a crash course in speed dating.Crash is definitely the operative word in this case, as she has more than her fair share of “bad date” stories.In terms of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, they basically don’t have physiological or safety needs, and so what drives them is more often about emotional or psychological.The speed dating, and the dates that follow, aren’t so much about romance and love: the focus is on being supportive and present for someone as they work through something.The speed dating format gives a brief glimpse into the lives (afterlives?) of these nine different ghosts, each of whom are in different places in regards to their acceptance of being dead, but also their understanding of what they want for themselves.

Their needs are very different from a living person’s.

You get to talk to each of the three ghosts once for a short time, followed by a second round of conversations with each of them.

You are given dialogue options to direct the conversation, or respond to something they said.

Not that this couldn’t eventually lead to a romantic relationship, but things don’t continue on that far in the game.

’s simple aesthetic, I was expecting something perhaps a bit more silly or cute.

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