Speed dating as team building

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The speed dating training activity forced the project managers to identify and share the absolute most important aspects of their projects.

The short Q&A period forced participants to come right out and ask their questions if there was something they really wanted to learn more about.

There was only one 90-minute block of time left to fill. It was the 90 minutes immediately after lunch on the second day.

The competitive structure and unique game matrix keep the energy buzzing.

The stations featured visual aids and handouts about individual initiatives and the project manager anchored each station, waiting for new “dates” to come by.

We divided our meeting attendees into six groups and assigned each group to a project where they would begin their “dating process”.

If you get that part right, then they’ll be that much more engaged, and that much more productive.

Office games are a fun way to get to know people, and make the welcoming of a new employee or group much more enjoyable.

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