Slovakia dating customs

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Meanwhile, France has its own interesting take when it comes to kissing.Of course, we all know the country is famous for its passionate and romantic French kiss.You can participate in Slovakia’s Youth Mobility Stay program twice.Your second participation must be in a different category and there must be a break of at least three months between the two participations.Explore the country’s breathtaking rocky mountain ranges, canyons and gorges, mysterious mountain valleys, winding trails and beautiful waterfalls.

So, to save you the confusion – and possibly the embarrassment of any social faux pas – we take a look at the interesting ways people greet each other around the world.This is not only seen as expressing affection, but also respect – and they say romance is dead.In many European countries like the Netherlands, Switzerland, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Slovenia, it is customary for people to greet each other by kissing one another’s cheeks three times alternately, starting with the right.People in Mexico and Colombia, for example, believe that one kiss is sufficient.In Italy, Hungary, and Brazil, on the other hand, a kiss on each cheek is preferable.

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