Ski sports dating dating with chiting wives

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After all, it doesn’t matter whether I join my man on the slopes or seek out my own adventures—there’s still a place for me in the Forester.

editor when we first started dating), and we built our relationship through a shared obsession with the sport.

For a ski day, we think about who we’ll be meeting up with and where we’re going to ski.

Do we want to ski as many laps as we can or take our time and set a leisurely pace?

As I wallowed in my house, streaming on my laptop, I began to wonder if I’d ever find a partner who didn’t require me to “slay the pow” (dear God) in order to prove my love. Eight months later, when Sean could finally use his three ski passes, I developed a plan to accompany him on his adventures—and create some of my own along the way.

My next rendezvous didn’t seem to offer much hope: On our first date at Crooked Stave Artisans’ taproom, Sean told me he skied about 30 days a year. Not skiing didn’t mean I couldn’t explore the Rockies.

In Aspen, with found numerous examples of the late-night inebriated ask-out, complete with next-day sober backpedaling: [am] Him: What’re you doing right now? There’s also the born-and-raised Tahoe local who’s been single since college, unable to shed his reputation as emotionally unavailable thank to the warp-speed grapevine of rumor communication in small communities—but is actually just shy and ready for a committed relationship.

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I like to lay out my gear the night before so everything is easy to find in the morning—boots in the boot dryer, and gloves, helmet, goggles, jacket, and pants all hanging by the door. Even when conditions are less than ideal—say, surrounded by a hundred smelly strangers in a jam-packed tram—you can still enjoy the moment.

Do we want to ski steeps and hunt powder or carve up some groomers?

We scouted some lines from the tram, then took turns deciding what run we’d ski next.

Here’s what we did when we snuck away for a full week at Snowbird, Utah.

If, like us, you don’t often get the chance to ski together—or really, any time you’re embarking on an adventure together—it helps to be similar levels of pumped when it comes time for planning.

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