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He moved across the grounds swiftly, the ache in his muscles weren't bothering him as bad when he focused his mind on this delicious prey.The werewolf came to a stop next to the pretend wizard, his heavy boots crushing the grass beneath them.No actual book used, Marauders fifth year, Wolfstar and other details inside.It’s sixth year at Hogwarts, and both love and war are brewing — for more than one couple. Perhaps we forgot about her and moved onto new friends, like Spotify, Apple Music or Amazon.But can she now bounce back with a .5 billion investment?For a monthly fee you could choose to listen to "Stairway to Heaven," or "Amazing Grace," on a moment's notice.Spotify, the most popular music service, has over 80 million paying subscribers.

When a mission goes horribly wrong, they find that they are not quite as alone as they think.

The only catch is it seems the Minister already had his eyes on someone, too. "The title The Boy Who Lived dominated the chapter, but this meant nothing to anyone, so their eyes skipped down to just below that, which was under the date 1981.

Six years from now." A reading the book style fic, except much more loosely based around the characters interactions through varied locations.

Then Regulus convinces Severus to write a letter to Lily, and it changes everything.

After defeating Tom Riddle, Harry thought his life was smoothing out and he could finally work on his social awkwardness.

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