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"I took a bus to Boston, not knowing a soul in Boston, and eventually figured out a way to get a job and an apartment, and that was it.

I was off on my new life."Meredith worked at a restaurant and a copy store while she was living in Massachusetts. She says that they planned to travel together — they were supposed to meet in Europe before hitchhiking across India. I would get for my blood and it would buy a visa. I managed to make enough money to fly back to New York and then Boston, and picked up there.

So it was a very dark and difficult childhood for my son.

And somehow, extraordinarily, he maintained that person that he is — a very tender and kind person."After they were reintroduced, Meredith’s relationship with Ron continued to grow."He really joined the family," she says.

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We were a little island of extreme happiness and joy during those early years."During those same years, Ron was living one state away, growing up in southern New Hampshire.

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"He eventually moved to Maine and I found a piece of land, and we built a house for my younger sons and me.

And then Ron bought adjacent land and built a house there, so we became neighbors.""It was challenging to figure out the emotional landscape ...

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