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You've only been dating him a month yet you've been in contact a whole lot - taking things very fast emotionally and sexually.

But, it's only a month so his interest level likely is typical for only a month but you believe somewhere inside that since you've had sex with him and talk all the time it should be "more" than typical.

(We had no ability to text back then and I had no cell phone). I don't think I told him other than told him I'd been concerned when I didn't hear from him.

I also found I was far more sensitive to perceived changes in interest level when either the guy was a little distant or I'd gone further sexually than I should have (meaning I thought I'd be ok with it and then felt too vulnerable/attached). My sense in what you describe is that you were happy to have sex with him early on and it was fun and pleasurable but you weren't yet dating him and didn't think it would be more than a fling.

We've met several times before but I never thought to give him a chance.

I always knew he was interested, and others had mentioned it to me as well, but I just didn't think of him as a potential match.

I have spoken to friends about this and they advise me to just have fun for the moment and see where things go. Basically, I am having many anxious thoughts in regards to this relationship and am really trying not to screw it up.

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But he generally proves that it is all in my head with a sweet message or phone call. I've largely been keeping it to myself, but I can't help but worry that my anxieties will grow as my feelings do.So when I have felt like someone's interest is waning it's usually correct.With my husband I made one mistake in the last 13 years we've been back together.I'm really surprised at how much I'm growing to like him. He's smarter, funnier and more mature then I gave him credit for.The more time we spend together the more interested I become, and anxious at the same time.

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