Sim dating festival days cheats

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well in the first five days your stuck in the past so if you wait until day five teddy saves you so you can time warp then go to the emerald apartment there will be a computer click on it there will be a cheat icon then type it in.

(1)The cheat to get more money in Chrono Days Sim Date is " itstimeforinfaltion " You have to type it in on the computer in your apartment in the future... Look up: Festival days sim date, idol days sim date, chrono days sim date, kingdom days sim date, and wonderland days sim date.

From the date of the answer, the 24th of April 2012, it is 18,259 days…

there is elf girl sim date rpg and elf sim date i think that is what they are called at least so i hope i helped you!

Also, just saying, they do work most on other games don't.

nobodylikesanex - full exp with Mako 4eyesarebetterthan2 - full exp with Akito screwthebento - unlock Ren charmingjerk - full exp with Ren otakusarehot - full exp with Kaoru enter the below cheats to the bottle on the beach to earn them - medicplz - 1000 HP ihasmoolah - 00 epicpickpocket - All Items arentishiny - Full Stats worldismine - 00, all items, and full stats hibernate - skips to the day of the cultural festival…

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