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He was talented, passionate, and generous in supporting and promoting other artists.

He founded the Group of Seven in 1920, which dissolved in 1933 and became the Canadian Group of Painters.

Harris also lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico, home to O' Keeffe, for a time, where he worked with Dr.

Emil Bisttram, leader of the Transcendental Painting Group, which Harris also helped found in 1939.(3) Both Harris and O' Keefe were also interested in eastern philosophy, spiritual mysticism and theosophy, a form of philosophical or religious thought based on mystical insight into the nature of God.

Collectors may prefer final artist's proofs even when they are identical to the main edition In the late 1950s there started to appear other additional prints in excess of the Arabic numbered edition, such as hors commerce (H. Other editions, on different paper or with changes of ink color, appeared and were callee E. These "refinements" are some of the ways artists and publishers devised to multiply the actual total quantity of an edition of prints, yet retain the illusion of a small limited edition by keeping the hand-inscribed numbers low. These "proofs" started appearing on the market as part of editions; they are another method to extend the edition beyond the stated number of prints.

at the bottom of the image on the original paper, in pencil.The Group of Seven were self-proclaimed modern artists who became the most important Canadian artists of the early twentieth century.(2) They were landscape painters who traveled together to paint the magnificent landscape of northern Canada.“If we view a great mountain soaring into the sky, it may excite us, evoke an uplifted feeling within us.There is an interplay of something we see outside of us with our inner response.

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