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released the first adult game on PC in 2004, on Play Station 2 with a lower age restriction in 2005, and in an expanded adult release on PC in 2009. Some genuine A Good Boys that we just want to scratch behind the ears and give them a box of m...― ANNCast 355 - Series Review: Fushigi Yugi Zac, Lynzee and two special guests - Anime Feminist's Caitlin Moore and the unstoppable Bamboo Dong - drop by to inhale and recontextualize Yuu Watase's early 90s...― At first glance, or at least the first few chapters, Take's Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out seems to trade in the sort of obnoxious comedy that stems from making its main character as uncomfortable as possible.Manga Gamer released the game in English in 2009, but without the two additional routes from the PS2 version (and later ― Hey Everybody! And for this week's edition of The List we are talking about five of the best anime dogs. Sakurai, a university junior, has been stuck with so...― Hey everyone!The series is notable for its vivid character designs, catchy tunes, and interesting plot twists.While still a comedy, is far more emotional than many of its counterparts in the harem genre., but its lackluster production values and questionable subject matter have made it less than a hit this season.Micchy and Steve debate the merits of this messy action comedy.― Prior to 2018, Ryo Mizono was primarily known as the novel writer for Record of Lodoss War (and the Dungeon Master of the RPG sessions on which it was based).

” was originally released by Navel in 2004, at the same time when “Fate/Stay Night” and “CLANNAD” were gaining popularity. ” TV animation and a console release which followed the initial release, it has managed to sell over 200,000 copies making it an incredible popular visual novel.

Soon thereafter the mysterious, emotionless Primula (or Rimu/Rim) shows up.

Together with Kaede's senpai Asa, these are the five girls from whom Rin must choose his girlfriend.

The story starts when the ordinary lives of Rin and his childhood friend Kaede is disrupted by the arrival of the king of the gods and the king of the demons, both of whom have decided the human Rin is to be the heir to their kingdoms...

meaning that they each want him to marry their respective daughters, Lisianthus (Sia) of the gods and Nerine (Rin again in the Japanese version, Rina in the dub to avoid confusion with the Unlucky Everydude) of the demons.

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