Shenae grimes and matt lanter dating 2016

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Perhaps that’s why Donovan has taken on a slew of forgettable roles in projects with titles like Either you loved Ivy Sullivan or you couldn’t stand her, but Gillian Zinser did a pretty good job of the troubled, artistic, skate punk who suddenly marries someone out of the blue!

Like the other characters, Ivy gets around the dating pool and is briefly involved with Liam and Dixon, before marrying Raj, who, naturally, dies.

While Lanter’s boyish good looks and deep dimples make him totally swoon-worthy, he hasn’t exactly taken Hollywood by storm, instead appearing in a variety of forgettable films and some voiceover credits.

Most recently, he’s popped up in the third installment of Queen Bee, HBIC – Naomi Clark was all of them.

The bad boy with a heart of mush inside, Matt Lanter’s role as Liam Court had all the ladies wanting to find the good underneath that leather jacket.

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to have ties to the original series, as the sister of characters Kelly Taylor and David Silver!

group and even wins Prom King, dates Erin Silver and sees her through her mental health issues, and starts a music career.

Like everyone else on the show, Dixon’s romantic life would earn an article all on its own, so let’s cover what the guy who portrayed him as been up to since.

Wilds, like his on-screen sister, has primarily stuck to TV, starring in shows like .

Similar to his character, Wilds has also dabbled in music, releasing some tracks while still on the show, and, as of 2016, was signed to Roc Nation – his debut album was even nominated for a Grammy in 2014!

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