Sexy boy chat bot Hermaphrodites sex chat

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Most conversations just end up being completely ridiculous and nonsensical, but some are funny and some actually carry on in an almost convincing way for a while.

The cool thing about PF when I first joined was that the bots were not distinguished from the humans, so you never knew if you were talking to a person or not.

Some earlier transcripts reflect this (where people aren’t aware of what they’re talking to).

But then bots started being clearly labeled as bots, which kind of made it not as fun.

But they are in huge loss these days.",] ],[ r"(.*)raining in (.*)", ["No rain since last week here in %2","Damn its raining too much here in %2"] ], [ r"how (.*) health(.*)", ["I'm a computer program, so I'm always healthy ",] ], [ r"(.*) (sports|game) ?

", ["I'm a very big fan of Football",] ], [ r"who (.*) sportsperson ?

", ["Messy","Ronaldo","Roony"]The chatbots work on the regex of keywords present in your question.

And then I also noticed it charges a quarter cent for every single API call. ", ["Weather in %1 is awesome like always","Too hot man here in %1","Too cold man here in %1","Never even heard about %1"] ], [ r"i work in (.*)?", ["%1 is an Amazing company, I have heard about it. Building a bot that truly understands the depth and context of a conversation, and one that is capable enough to hold its ground in a long conversation has proved to be a challenging task. If you see the difference, you should see the problem. For chatbots to go truly mainstream, we need to start having bots that can give the same kind of experience we get while talking to a friend.

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