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I’m gonna send a text message to her and see how she feels…”Hey Just Dumped!Oh my gd, I was in the same situation a few years ago with a guy I totally liked and cliked with and well, wanted to date.The truth is that if there is a place where women go to specifically meet older men it will probably be filled with women who are either looking for a sugar daddy or benefactor, or with older less desirable women.2) She’s younger and on the hunt for a man who can provide for her on some level because she will know that men who go to a place like that are provider types: easy to take advantage of and desperate. Rejoice in your age and use your age to your advantage.A sexual conquest from a young stud will allow her to convince herself that she’s still sexy or attractive.That is the only reason why an older woman will chose a younger man over an older man for an adventure between the sheets.The only problem is that a lot of younger women don’t want to seem too “forward” with older guys.They’re probably worried all of their hot young friends are going to give them crap for liking older guys…

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)So they show you they’re interested in subtle ways…and I put them in a quick quiz you can take to figure out if a hot younger woman is into you. I’ve been dating an amazing guy who’s only just recently become “too busy” for a relationship.We’re not saying older men will be completely inflexible but you shouldn’t think you can change their ways once you’re in a relationship.That’s not to say they will completely lack a youthful mindset: a study by Nickelodeon UK found that men remain ‘immature’ well into their early 40s, while women mature at an average age of 32 We use cultural references to express who we are and where we’ve come from.

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    Once seen as the last resort for a bunch of lonely geeks, online-dating services have gradually shed much of the stigma formerly associated with them.