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Additionally, you can also silently send signals that will bypass her intellectual brain and tap directly into her feelings and emotions; and lead those feelings down the path to where you want them to go.

This is a powerful technique of seduction – therefore, who needs luck when you can “speak” directly to her emotions?

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When you know what to look for, it’s almost as easy as if they were wearing a sign.

This mistake will kill your chances to get laid tonight.

It is one that could land you in the dreaded “Friend Zone”.

The science of reading and sending the silent signals of body language is far too complex for me to cover in great detail here; there is a lot more information on some of the other pages of this site, so I encourage you to check them out; but here are a few tips: When you first approach her does she meet and hold your gaze or does she quickly look away and then back?

If she holds your gaze that is an indication that she is meeting you as an equal and might be a little less open to your advances.

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