Sex situation

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But Heather knew that when you were in the security line, you were pretty much completely at the mercy of the people running the show.

She stepped back through, and sure enough, she got another buzz and flash. They'd certainly made that thing hard to miss, hadn't they?

Heather had never been more jealous of a collection of random strangers in her life.

After a few moments of sending luckier travelers on their way, Keisha let the new arrival, Frankie, take over. It was stupid and pointless, but her only hope for getting to her plane, her vacation, and everything that went with it was to do what Keisha said and convince her that she was a good little airline traveler like everyone else. Keisha took out a small wand-like device with two blinking lights on the tip and began running it over Heather's body, starting with her bare feet.

She put her carry-on bag and her purse on the conveyor belt, and emptied her pockets into the tiny bin.

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"OK, ma'am," the woman said, "try taking off your belt and stepping back through." Heather felt more than a little embarrassed as she pulled her belt through the loops and handed it to the guard.

There were now three people behind her, and all of them looked at her with varying degrees of annoyance.

"OK, ma'am," the guard said, "empty out your pockets before you come back through." "They are empty," Heather said, turning them inside out and trying not to let any irritation show in her voice.

She'd heard horror stories about dealing with airport security, how they would take any kind of perceived rudeness as an excuse to drag you out of the line and spend hours going through your stuff.

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