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Students will create an Adobe Spark digital story to communicate their researched information and personal reflections.

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The sin of intersectionality lies in the willingness of its devotees to discard virtue for identity politics.7 ) Obtain information from literature and other media to illustrate that there are many different kinds of living things and that they exist in different places on land and in water (e.g., woodland, tundra, desert, rainforest, ocean, river). Description: The students will create a layered lookbook, which displays recorded information that explains that living things do exist in different places.The students will create a multimedia project, which will retell information learned about living things in different places.Symbols include the Liberty Bell, Bald Eagle, Statue of Liberty, United States Flag, Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial.Students will work in pairs and conduct research about American symbols and create a digital story about a symbol of their choosing.

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