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That leaves those of us who desire to explore our submissive selves in these new technologies wondering if we are going to be a marginalised fetish in the unfolding chatbot revolution. But is it even possible, today, for a completely fulfilling dominant sex chatbot experience to exist?

A dominant-submissive sexual relationship is about the wilful exchange of power.

The appropriation of culturally dominant ideals of gender is a human limitation that has worked its way into the design of chatbot technology, and much like the structural inequalities and societal perceptions of gender that can dictate an uneven balance of power between men and women in our convenience driven capitalism, we can see a preference for the replication of these dynamics in bot design by the hands of some of the dominant players in the AI world.

A submissive sex chatbot plays into the projection of a helpful, attentive and malleable female companion.

But it will always be self-defined – a ruse that only I control – and the thin veil that separates my belief that I am an equal partner in a wilful exchange of power, and the fact that the power that I have offered has fallen on deaf ears, is very easily lifted.

We enjoy remain bounded by the limits of human meaning and human design.

), but rather is programmed to emulate "normal" human courtship behavior in a semi-realistic way. She notices you staring at her and her eyes light up. There is much to admire about sextech, and in some cases much to be alarmed by. To date, the sexbot market has made inroads on virtual dating experiences, and some of these virtual girlfriends and boyfriends are heavily nostalgic of the much loved and still popular dating sims.An online search for Erotic Chatbot Ltd flirted very briefly with the idea of a virtual sandbox for the verbally shy, but the company has since dissolved.Through a preventable, global desire for convenience by way of technology, my desires for consensual powerlessness remain, for the time being, tied to humanity.For those interested in building sex chatbots (and you can build all kinds of chatbots for free at, my advice is not to strive for a dominant / submissive relationship between human and software but instead to turn to erotic literature for inspiration in establishing the right atmosphere.

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