Sedating children on flights

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If you sit in the very last row, you’ll find that the sound of people unlatching the bathroom lock is surprisingly loud, and it may rouse your baby from his slumber. The advantage to this is obvious: you don’t have to buy them their own seat and you’ll thus save a lot of money.But while it may seem hard to justify coughing up the cash to buy your tiny tot her own high-flying throne, if your budget will allow it (some airlines offer a discount on children’s seats – be sure to check), I definitely think it’s worthwhile. A baby held on a lap can be injured if the plane is hit with severe turbulence.

The best place to sit on a plane with kids is debated by parents.The back of plane is also less affected by turbulence, helping your child sleep more soundly.The golden recommendation I got from a flight attendant is to seat your kids wherever the plane’s engines are.Many parents dread taking a baby on a plane or other public transportation for extended periods.Will your baby scream the whole way, and are fellow passengers going to give you dirty looks?

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