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may be a safer place for individuals to explore their sexual interests compared to real life, as residents reported engaging in a wider variety of sexual practices online than offline (it’s amazing what you can do when you get rid of gravity).

But the chat room allowed me to reinvent myself, connect with others with similar interests, and—in short—escape the sad reality of middle school.Consistent with the notion that online sexual activities tend to be more “accessible, affordable, and anonymous” than sexual activities in real life, individuals reported having a greater number of online sexual partners per year compared to offline sexual partners (with a median of three online partners versus one offline partner).Those who pursued online sexual relationships reported being motivated by a desire for sexual release, an emotional connection, or a safe environment that lends itself to experimentation.Dit hoeft dus niet per sé tot seks te leiden: veel mensen ervaren het flirten met een ander ook als een prettig avontuurtje.Het motto van Second Love luidt dan ook niet voor niets: ‘Life is short, have a second love! Natuurlijk wilt u niet dat andere mensen uit uw kennissenkring hier achter komen.

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