Sea captain dating

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Now, I didn’t meet this guy, wasn’t there to see the possible sparks flying over the marine toilet you were negotiating, so I can’t really judge how you should feel about him and his letters of DEEPLY UNCASUAL DATING (which it’s possible that he sends to every likely sailing lady he meets. Sure, it’s possible that you’re not expressing your boundaries effectively (I don’t know, ’cause I wasn’t there), but there’s nothing like practice for getting better at something.

So keep trying with them, and keep setting your boundaries with new people.

I decided almost two years ago that I don’t have room in my life for both a relationship and the cruise.2) Related to the above: I wouldn’t even know how to casually date.

We share a major interest, and we could trade help back and forth on our boats, which are similar. I’m confident that I can express my boundaries in words, but I don’t have a good history of friends respecting my boundaries, so I worry that I am not as good at expressing them in action.

I don’t currently have any friends into boats, which makes it a lonely hobby, and it’d be so nice to have a project buddy. I also don’t have a mixed group of friends to invite him out with to give myself a buffer. I have his number and his email address, and the ball’s in my court. Your only articulated question is “Where do I go from here?

“I think you can’t help who you fall in love with," Leah said. He doesn’t care.” Captain Sandy proudly tweeted "love is love" while sharing the happy news of her new relationship on Twitter.

Meeting @leahshaferofficial is, well, a true blessing.

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