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The Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles (DSALA) is an affiliate of the National Down Syndrome Society and the National Down Syndrome Congress.

It is a non-profit organization that has been providing services to individuals with Down syndrome and their families since 1976.

Their style of banked-track roller derby is a high-speed, full-contact sport fueled by a belief in the strength of women, volunteerism, and a DIY attitude.

The Derby Dolls invest heavily in their community, partnering with numerous groups including Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Aids Project Los Angeles, and After-School All-Stars.

In case you get Twenty Wonder’s various performers mixed up, let’s review real quick: There’s the trio from Two Bit Circus, creators of STEAM, which is totally different from The League of S. The son of two puppeteers, Aiken credits his creation to, “Some basic tools and a little imagination." The Maker Faire woodworker brought his no strings attached Marionette to Twenty Wonder 2014 for all to encounter! Richard Kaae didn't bring termites) Rolling Stone dubbed him, “an underrecognized guitar hero.” This grammy-award winner was a founding member and principal songwriter for The Blasters.

Dave also played in X alongside famous punk vocalist Exene Cervenka.

In 2011, Twenty Wonder was invited to the Doll Factory by league co-founder Demolicious, and since then the Derby Dolls have made themselves an invaluable part of Twenty Wonder.

“I’d like to take it to England,” says Lucha fan Eric Idle, of Monty Python.

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Several space telescopes use IR light to investigate hidden properties of asteroids, newly born stars in the Milky Way, and distant merging galaxies.

Ed, in his inimitable style, demanded the audience repeat everything back to him, at one point exhorting them to, “Get pissed off!

” Jeff Rich and Tim Goodsall have expertise in astrophysics, astronomy, and telescopes.

Peter helped Mark Thorpe pioneer the world of modern robotic competition at Superball 3—Twenty Wonder’s spiritual predecessor—before going global with the BBC show Robot Wars.

For Twenty Wonder 2010, he got together with wünderkind Eric Gradman for some innovative work in the Sockie Okie area. They’ve blown away audiences across their home country and around the world with a mixture of original comedy songs and pop parodies.

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