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This is highly subjective, but why an electric car needs to look like its gasmobile brethren is a mystery to many of us.

Some might say it is just a way of carrying over the Audi brand identity the company has so carefully crafted over the years.

What is missing from the information is a definitive answer on the e-tron’s EPA range — a curious omission, given that range is the very first piece of information prospective buyers want to know when considering an electric car.

Our own Sebastian Blanco, who was at the unveiling event, writes that it is reported to be “well over 400 kilometers” based on the new European WLTP rating system.

Tesla’s Supercharging network, which maxes out at about 120 k W at the moment, offers a similar recharging time for road trips, but there’s one little difference.

You can currently or soon Supercharge at the following locations in the United States: The Electrify America network currently has live stations at the large blue bubbles below are live, the big grey ones are “coming soon,” and the little ones are “planned sites” but don’t yet have specific addresses/locations.

Steve Hanley Steve writes about the interface between technology and sustainability from his home in Rhode Island and anywhere else the Singularity may lead him.

Others might suggest it represents a desire — perhaps subconscious — to keep one foot in the internal combustion world rather than make a clean break with the past as Tesla has done.

Either way, other German automakers have chosen the same design path for their upcoming electric SUV offerings — the Mercedes EQC and the BMW i Next.

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