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But as 'albertpinto' said, beware of the people with bad credit and bankruptcy or people going through divorces - you may not want to rent them your property as it is very difficult to remove somebody (yes, even from your own house); it can take anywhere between 3 to 6 months and in the meantime, you are still liable to pay the mortgage if your renter defaults. Contracting agencies do not assure if they will put the house on rent. So between the two , there will be four 485 applications. You will keep whichever 485 set gets approved, first, the other will be rejected by CIS. And we have one of america's own high powered former CEO saying that This man has no vested interested in talking about this. Burglars generally cut phone line when they become aware of security system. EAD card for spouse will allow her to apply for SSN and thus Drivers license.

If CIS rejects the other 485, do they keep the fees or do they refund the fees? Obviously he does not need a GC and he is not on H1. How anti-immigration congressional measure are hurting America as a nation as much as it hurts aspiring immigrants. There have been some complaints where security companies just called the landline and since you didn't answer they left a voicemail. AP for wife will help to travel out of country after you have used EAD.

Academy Award and Golden Globe Award winning actress Sandra Bullock is a prominent face in the American film industry.

She has defined herself not just as a talented actress but also as a film producer.

Wages in IT industry are destined to go down with time because of Thank you for admitting most of what I stated here true.

and I get laid off when on EAD and am looking for a job .. And do i need to seek a smilar position in new company .. Thanks VSamcam you are bringing in an Original post so its good.

If you suddenly found my post to be stereo typing, you were blind to the stereotypes propagated in this forum for a long time.

With regard to quality of professionals overall I don't see a marked difference between American and non-American workers.

US news has covered a book by David Heenan -- "Flight Capital" that essentially deals with the fact that high powered immigrants are leaving this country -- for whatever reason -- and how its bad for America. My company will only apply for an EAD for the spouse. So in short, I would apply for all the docs for all members of the family.

You will need standard landline to work with Brinks. It would be almost impossible to find another employer who will send the new H-1B application before Friday.

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