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Shakira wrote her first poem, titled "La Rosa De Cristal" ("The Crystal Rose") when she was only four years old.

As she was growing up, she was fascinated watching her father writing stories on a typewriter, and asked for one as a Christmas gift.

Dhalla has won every election she has ever entered — dating back to Grade 8, when she was elected president of her junior high school — and politics influences everything from the way she speaks to the photos she poses for.

In the photo albums her mother, Tavinder, keeps at their Mississauga home, you won't find many vacation pictures or childhood shots of Ruby at, say, a soccer game.

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Mention the term "parachute appointment" and Dhalla's near-perpetual smile fades a little.

"If you're a Liberal, you're a Liberal all your life," she says.

"To me, (supporting the NDP candidate) didn't make sense.

Although Dhalla is setting up a constituency office in Brampton-Springdale, she has not yet bought a home there. She is also the first woman of south Asian descent to win a seat in Parliament, taking her riding three hours before Nina Grewal was elected in the British Columbia riding of Fleetwood-Port Kells."When Ruby was growing up, she had to look at Indira Gandhi to see a woman who looked like her in politics," says Andrew Lopez, Dhalla's campaign publicist.

The issue is especially sensitive in this riding, says Brampton Mayor Susan Fennell, because the outgoing Brampton Centre MP, Liberal Sarkis Assadourian, represented the riding without ever living there.

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