Rory culkin dating emma roberts

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I was like, ‘Mom, you have to come here.’ She comes inside and they’re like, ‘Can you come back tomorrow, because we really like her.’ And I actually got the part! But if you think she now views those early gigs with a cynical eye, you’re wrong. “A lot of people that were on Disney or Nickelodeon bash it afterwards. “If you make the transition in the same way that you’re transitioning in real life, you’ll be fine,” she says.

She became interested in acting as a little kid while visiting her aunt Julia on film sets; Roberts even had an uncredited role as an extra in .

” She’d also love to collaborate on a clothing line at some point (Chloë Sevigny’s venture with Opening Ceremony is a personal favorite) and spend more time in New York, where she says it’s easier to live life outside the celebrity-industrial complex that sometimes gets her down in L. The other day, for example, she found a photographer waiting for her outside her house. “In New York you can become anonymous; I think I’ve seen paparazzi there twice. But in New York everyone’s just like, ‘Whatever.’” Every time Rory Culkin wraps work on a movie he rewards himself with some kind of gift.

The last time I was there I walked by Liev Schreiber on the street, and I was thinking, If this was L. Because he began his career as a five-year-old playing younger versions of his older brothers in movies like he chose between learning a musical instrument and continuing the boxing lessons the studio had him take before filming began. “Boxing’s just a little more mindless and takes me away from everything,” he says.

Still, her enthusiasm wasn’t quite enough at first to win over her mom (who split from Emma’s dad when she was a baby).

“I went on my first audition when I was nine,” Roberts remembers. She just thought, ‘Ugh, people are gonna give me so much crap for this.

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