Rodgers dating

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She splits her time between Arizona and Green Bay but also frequently travels to Las Vegas, New York and her vineyard in California.She’s learning to embrace a schedule that allows for a Queen concert on a weekend or a visit to the farmers market “He helps push me in the go-with-the-flow aspect of life that I’m not quite as good at,” Patrick said in the Sun Times story.That includes his surprise trip to Paris for her birthday in March. And one of the things we both shared early on is that we enjoy surprising people with things.” Once Packers season amps up, she told E!, she looks for ways to create a relaxing environment at home for Rodgers.Earlier this month, she posted one of them together at Packers training camp.“I wonder if he would want to know the questions before or not? “Here’s the good news: I’m in charge of the whole thing.

“I definitely had my run of cheering for that team (Bears).

the former race car driver opened up about what it's really like to date the Green Bay Packers quarterback.

While Patrick said she's now the "biggest Packers fan," she admitted this wasn't always the case.

Danica Patrick interviewing Aaron Rodgers on her new podcast?

Now that would be “Pretty Intense.” You’re not the only one wondering if the Green Bay Packers quarterback will show up as a guest on the “Pretty Intense” podcast Patrick launched Aug. During a recent round of press in Los Angeles to promote the project, interviewers wanted to know if Rodgers would join his girlfriend for one of the hour-long, deep-dive conversations meant to inspire.

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