Rich dating back

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We have what I consider a relatively large amount of ROL and KMI which are holding us back just a little.We need more termites and locusts and pestilence for Rollins’ pest control business to take off, so feel free to leave your trash can lids off on the curb to attract some rats. I don’t mind the SFIX and WM not doing much so far.

I recently turned off dividend reinvestment on those to leave a little more flexibility to buy stocks with the proceeds if/when I choose to do that. There was some filthy humorless Facebook group member who let me know what a bad idea it was to own those preferred shares along with a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo that might have sounded impressive in his own head.Oh, and don’t forget about Zika virus and all other mosquito borne nasties. I just bought them this year and will try and show some patience.Gilead is getting on my nerves as pharmaceutical companies have been nowhere.Here’s the hard thing, though: Do you buy more or start a position after such a huge run in a short time? Speaking of the portfolio, here is the latest on how it’s doing this year so far along with every stock we own.Even the ones colored slightly pink are in the positive but are no match so far for SHOP and MTCH in the dark green.

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