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Maybe you’re stuck in small town with few options, or you’ve kissed one too many frogs in your city.

The reality is that location can actually influence your odds of finding prince (or princess) charming.

Nurses are desired for qualities such as their natural warmth, patience and boundless compassion, as well their ability to deal with stressful situations in a level headed manner.

Date a nurse, and you’ll find yourself dating someone with drive, intelligence and ambition, as well as a clear-cut purpose in life. If you’ve made up your mind that you’d like to try out nurse dating, you’re in the right place at Elite Singles.

Nurses in Ancient Greece would have had to simply attend their lectures and hope that Plato might bring an attractive, single plus one to the next team feast.

Check out the below video, which highlights some fun romances that were sparked on a travel nursing assignment.

Check out this amazing video detailing the true travel love story of Kayla and Will.

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