Red jacket firearms stephanie dating chris

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The show was subsequently canceled and their other business partner, Joe Meaux moved his business interest to two new companies he established.

Stephanie Hayden Ford, on the other hand, has continued to live outside of media spotlight after the incident with no information on her current life.

The fascination with guns which was cultivated by Stephanie Hayden Ford’s father would later grow into a business partnership following the completion of her education.

Together, they established Red Jacket Firearms LLC which was based in Louisiana, where she is believed to have been born and raised.

She is known to have been born to father Will Hayden, and there is no information about her mother.

The two of them both own the company that is the primary subject of the reality show, and thus, Stephanie is equally entitled to the money earned from the show.The second, so far, is Kris Ford, whom she is currently married to.Little is known of her relationship with Kris Ford, but the two of them are believed to share two children together.The other message that Joe is trying to put out there is that the entire firearms industry shouldn’t be persecuted for the alleged bad actions of a single person.That’s convenient, coming from the comany most closely associated with the aforementioned individual, but one that rings true nonetheless.

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