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It didn't come as too much of a surprise when March asked Flay to move out of their apartment.

Flay quickly filed for divorce and cancelled March's credit cards in a move that her lawyer called "bullying through economic warfare." It's safe to say that March is better off without him.

He filed for bankruptcy in 2011, after facing lawsuits from his former employees at the now-closed restaurant, Country.

According to the class action lawsuit brought against Zakarian and his management firm, Zakarian failed to properly compensate his staff for overtime and falsified pay records. In 2014, Bobby's Flay's wife Stephanie March was rushed to the hospital.

The captions read "Close up of Drunk Mexican Tranny after Bes poured a Bottle of water on its head" and, "Big Body Posin wit a Drunk Mexican on Broadway #Queens." Bronson defended his actions, saying the person in the photo shouldn't have gotten drunk if they didn't want to be put on Instagram.

He later posted an apology that said, "I love Gay People, Trannies not so much." It gets worse — Bronson went on to say that he wasn't "trying to offend anybody from the Gay and Lesbian Community" and that the person in the photo "wasn't even a Transvestite." He closed his pseudo-apology by saying that he doesn't "give a f***" what people think.

Gordon Ramsay's on-screen antics are well-known, but he can also be pretty harsh in real life — especially on social media.

Rocco Dispirito has made millions as a restaurateur and television personality, but the famous chef is still counting pennies.

A big ego is one thing, and not exactly unusual among famous people, but Fieri is also allegedly homophobic.

Page shared a story about a time Fieri stormed out of a restaurant because he "had decided that the two men running the restaurant were life partners." Fieri reportedly told Page, "You can't send me to talk to gay people without warning! " It sounds like Fieri needs to be reminded that he's living in the 21st century.

The on-screen personas of famous chefs are as varied as their personalities.

Some of them are known for being warm and kind (at least on TV) while others have fiery tempers that may or may not be just for your enjoyment. Famous chefs might act a certain way in public — even at their own restaurants — but often that's because they have a certain image to maintain.

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