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This caused some controversy because CTVgm owned The Globe and Mail, a competing newspaper to Torstar's own Toronto Star.

There were no editorial hurdles between the two newspapers however. On May 2, 2014, Torstar announced the sale of Harlequin Enterprises, a publisher of romance novels, to Harper Collins for 5 million.

Torstar stated that it wanted to focus on building synergies within its existing markets served.

Torstar's media operations are divided into three primary divisions: Daily News Brands, Community Brands, and Digital Ventures (Vertical Scope) In September 2018, Torstar announced a deal to acquire the existing political news website i Politics.

The Progressive Conservative provincial government of George Drew passed a law banning charitable organizations from operating profitable entities such as newspapers.

Rather than sell the newspaper, the trustees of the Atkinson Foundation bought out the Star privately and founded Torstar as a private corporation.

Torstar launched a weekly celebrity-based magazine called Scoop in 2005, which folded one year later.

Aaron was a talker, and spent the entire night flirting with Courtney.

She was flattered, but didn’t think twice about it.

It wasn’t until 2016, when they were randomly seated beside each other at a mutual friend’s wedding, that she reconsidered.

Torstar CEO David Holland explained that the purchase was designed to bolster the company's presence in digital media.

and a 16 per cent stake in broadcaster Blue Ant Media.

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