Rapper birdman and paris hilton dating

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To quote the woman herself: "Loves it." You've said "Come Alive" was inspired by the feeling of "new love." Do you consider yourself a hopeless romantic? It sounds very magical and ethereal, and I wanted it to be like a dream, fantasy world. Earlier this week she released her new song "Come Alive," which promptly inspired a mid-morning listening party in at least one NYC office. When I was in the studio writing it, I wanted to write a song conveying that feeling of love and how magical it is and how it makes you feel alive. In the video, there's a unicorn and you're wearing wings. So all the scenes in the music video are based on kind of like a fantasy dream.

Nairaland Forum / Entertainment / Celebrities / Paris Hilton, 50 Cent's New Girlfriend?The steamy music video shows Paris Hilton looking incredible, in a very sexy outfit singing the words, “Do you want to get high off my love?” The video has been described as “a sexy and seductive dance track with a rap music vibe.” The video is very intimate and allows Paris Hilton to show off her amazing body in a dominatrix-like body suit, complete with chokers and chains. If you knew anything about Ralph Fiennes' past (and probably present and future) you'd know he has a well-deserved reputation as a bit of Don Juan. A lot of people think he did because there was a character on Good times named Michael Evans portrayed by Ralph Carter. Janet plays Penny Gordon Woods, a mild- mannered soft spoken girl who was adopted by Wilona after being abused by her mother.

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