Rape and dating violence

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Counseling options are available from the college’s Counseling Services Department.

Counseling and support services outside the College system can be obtained through the Wayne Uplift Resource Center (919-736-1313) and other organizations listed below.

That information is collected, classified, and counted and is available for public inspection in the WCC Campus Police Department. The latest Campus Safety and Security Report is distributed to current students and employees, is made available to potential students and empleoyees, and is posted on the college website.

The Goldsboro Police Department or the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office will be notified as well as a representative from the Counseling Services Department. • Director of Counseling Services: 919-739-6710, WLC-183 • Associate Vice-President for Academics and Student Services: 919-739- 6825, WLC-107 • Director of Human Resources: 919-739-7015, DOG-144 • Student Activities Coordinator: 919-739-6740, WLC-145 • Coordinator, SJAFB Programs: 919-739-6765, SJAFB Education Center • Basic Skills Director: 919-739-6903, WAL-228 • Basic Skills Admissions/Assessment Coordinator: 919-739-6917, WAL-207 • Wayne Early Middle College High School Principal: 919-739-7073, HOC- 232A • Wayne Early Middle College High School Counselor: 919-739-7072, HOC- 231.

• Make a student Code of Conduct charge to a College Disciplinary Review Committee.

If You Are a Victim of Sexual Misconduct If you are a victim of rape, acquaintance rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence or stalking at this institution, your first priority should be to get to a place of safety.

You should then obtain necessary medical treatment, if required.

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